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Hiring A Piano

If there is no piano at the venue, then you can hire a piano for the event. As a very rough guide, it would cost around ��������£350-450 to hire an upright piano, or ��������£600-800 to hire a grand piano. This includes delivery, collection and tuning.

The cost varies according to how easy it is to get the piano into or out of the venue, how far away from London the venue is and it also might be more expensive at busy times of year, such as New Years Eve.

Alex can arrange the piano hire for a small fee. He would need to speak to the venue about convenient access times. Alternatively you could arrange it yourself. The cheapest piano hire company in London that I know of is Grand Hire - speak to Klaus on 0207 281 9555. Alternatively, there is Marksons Pianos or J Samuels.

Don't forget that Alex can always bring my keyboard, and if necessary, an amplifier, for no extra cost.

Updated| 7th of February 2014

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