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Gary Numan Solo Piano Performance | Video
This was an unusual gig where Alex was asked to play Gary Numan songs for two hours, with only a week to learn them ! They thought that it would be as easy as just getting a Gary Numan songbook and reading, but I learn a tune properly, by ear.

The event was an art project at the Lisson Gallery by artists Jonathan Monk and Douglas Gordon. The two artists were serving free Gin and Tonics off the top of the piano I was playing, so between them, myself, the piano and what we were all doing, consisted of an 'art installation'.

After the first set, they asked me just to perform Are Friends Electric for the remaining hour, which I did with lots of free improvisation.

There are some audio recordings of the event here as well.

I have Robin Johannsen to thank for coming to the gig and filming me. This other video below was taken for the artists, or the gallery:

recorded| 1st of July 2010

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